Is Katya Adler married? Find out her husband and Family info.

The powerhouse of a woman and journalist that Katya Adler is, came through all the controversy and is now serving proudly as BBC's Europe editor with success.

With such a strong professional life, you'd think Katya would be all over the media flaunting her personal life as well. However, that is not the case. Regarding the case of her marriage, she might be married. Scroll down to see why we think she is married.

BBC appointed Katya Adler as their Europe editor in 2014, this decision was met with some accusations of bias on BBC's part. The accusations were based on Katya Adler's close connection to the EU.

Is Katya Adler married? Who is her Husband? 

Katya Adler, Europe editor for BBC keeps a very low profile as far as her personal life is concerned. We think she is married based on a few facts we know.

Right around the time she was appointed Europe Editor, she was on maternity leave and joined the position only after it was over.

That doesn't necessarily mean she is married, but it does suggest a possibility. We don't know who she is married to, that is if she is currently married at all.

The media personality has kept everything secret about her love life, husband, and relationship. 

What are some of Katya's most important works as a journalist?

Katya started her journalism career while she was a college student at the University of Bristol. She was already working for Reuters, The Times and Blue Danube Radio. She has served for BBC since 1998 and has been involved in various important reporting tasks. 

Europe is facing a challenging time with the recent Brexit and so many terrorist attacks all over the continent. Katya brings her opinions on the political rhetoric and reality of the EU as a BBC correspondent. 

Katya brought ahead of the challenges EU (European Union) has to face in coming few years in #Afterbrexit: the Battle for Europe, a BBC doc u mentary released in February of 2017. It was widely viewed and became extremely popular for showing unbiased views. 

Katya has some interesting personal traits as well. She is a native English speaker, however, she is also fluent in French, German, Spanish and Italian. She has learned Hebrew and Arabic too. Truly an international journalist.

She has earned a good amount of net worth which is reported to be around $1 million. 

Katya Adler's Quick Facts 

  • She was born on 3 May 1972, in the United Kingdom.
  • She holds British nationality and her ethnicity is Caucasian.  
  • She graduated from the University of Bristol. 

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