Is Julie Stewart, Georgie Binks' sports reporter daughter, married? Who is her husband?

A 52-years-old Fox Sports reporter and the anchor Julie Stewart was married to professional freelance music producer husband Jamie Stanley and make her home in Toronto. Julie is most commonly known for her role as Sgt. Ali McCormick from the CTV television series Cold Squad.

Is Julie Stewart married?

The details of their married life and children are kept private.A Canadian import, Julie Stewart-Binks is a standout amongst the most flexible gifts in the FOX Sports with a broad résumé of encounters. She acts as a wandering journalist for the FIFA Women's World Cup.

Julie Stewart's husband Jamie Stanley

It is not certain if sportscaster Julie Stewart-Binks is dating or in an a s sociation with somebody as of late.Julie Stewart,52-years-old Fox Sports columnist and anchor,was wedded to proficient independent music maker Jamie Stanley and makes her home in Toronto.                   

Julie is most regularly referred to for her part as Sgt. Ali McCormick from the CTV TV arrangement Cold Squad.The points of interest of their wedded life and kids are kept private.The pair had an exceptionally uncommon night on July seventeenth, the second generation in the opening of Thousand Islands Playhouse Firehall.On September 20, 2013, at Life Source International Church in White Marsh, MD, and the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Lisa Corelli and Jamie Stanley participated in blessed marriage. 

Rob Gronkowski And Julie Stewart  Lapdance

Victimize Gronkowski was on Fox Sports that today and the theme of his a s sumed brief profession as a stripper came up.

Stay Julie Stewart-Binks proposed Gronk ought to move for her. On the off chance that Rob had an opportunity to profit utilizing. Gronk consented to demonstrate somewhat Magic Mike for them after a touch of driving, with typically clumsy and humiliating results. 

After that,Fox Sports Julie Stewart-Binks was condemned by numerous in games media for accepting a lapdance from New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski amid Super Bowl week on Jason Whitlock's House Party by the Bay.Among the allegations is that she set ladies in games news coverage back.


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