Is Hoda Kotb currently dating Joel Schiffman? Why did her marriage with Burzis Kanga fail?

Hoda Kotb is an American television news anchor and TV host. She is popular as the co-host of NBC's Today Show's fourth hour with Kathie Lee Gifford.

Kotb was once married to Burzis Kanga in 2005. Kanga is former tennis coach of New Orleans University.

Hoda Kotb’s previous married life and affair

Hoda Kotb's married life couldn't last longer and ended just after two years of being together in 2007. Hoda divorced Kanga on Valentine’s Day. 

In March 2007, she underwent a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery for breast cancer. Hoda has since become an advocate for breast cancer awareness. 

Hoda Kotb and Burzis Kanga


Kotb was heartbroken after the separation. Before meeting Schiffman, Hoda dated Jay Blumenkopf for the year 2012.  Hoda's lover Jay Blumenkopf, dumped her after six months because he just couldn’t see himself getting married to her.

Hoda Kotb and Joel Schiffman

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Her boyfriend, Joel Schiffman is an American financier based in New York City and Boston. Kotb and Joel Schiffman reportedly met at a Wall Street event in 2013. Kotb was 48 and Schiffman was 54, then.

During the event, she stuck around to sign some autographs and Schiffman was in line to get an autograph.

Fun night! @mariashriver @mlauer @TODAYshow

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Hoda’s boyfriend was not in the public eye two years ago. Kotb, who’s been married once before, would even be open to getting married again.

Hoda Kotb and her boyfriend Joel Schiffman were spotted on a Miami beach in December 2013.

Hoda said:

“I was afraid to tell my own mother that I was moving in with my boyfriend”. I was afraid. I don't know,"

The Today Host also stated:

 "I know it sounds weird—I've been married. It's like, 'Whatever!' But it's weird. It's a little odd."

The couple has been romantically linked to one another for more than three years but didn’t go public with their relationship until January 2015. They celebrated their third anniversary in June 2016.

Kotb talked openly about her relationship but never disclosed the man’s name until their relationship was a year old. Hoda was aware of keeping her relationship a secret.



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She only revealed her boyfriend’s identity on an episode of Today. Hoda Kotb’s current boyfriend, Joel Schiffman has been married once before and has one adult daughter.

Schiffman’s daughter and Kotb apparently get along very well. After visiting Hoda in New York on the TODAY show, Schiffman’s daughter posted a message, calling her “awesome.”


Meet the 7-year-old girl who is Kathie Lee's biggest fan. She even asked for a KLG birthday cake! #KLGandHoda

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Hoda Kotb and Joel Schiffman are taking their relationship to the next level. Kotb revealed the news on The Hoda Show Monday, which airs exclusively on SiriusXM Today Show Radio channel 108 Mondays and Wednesdays at 2 p.m. ET.

The couple celebrated his 58th birthday at the Rangers game this year. Kotb even wrote a sweet birthday message to Schiffman on the jumbotron.


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