ABC's David Muir's Shirtless Photos Went Viral-Are Those Real? His Mysterious Love Life Led To Gay Rumors-Is It True?

News by Riya Published on 14 Feb,2017 Updated on 15 Sep,2021

David Muir, an ABC journalist, is popular for his anchoring skill and charming looks. He currently hosts World News Tonight With David Muir at ABC News.            

Muir made headlines in January 2017 when he became the first person who interviewed Donald Trump after the Presidential Inauguration. Muir, a style maverick of ABC, is known globally because of his talent and looks.     

He is talented, easy on the eyes, and passionate about journalism. David says he wanted to be a journalist since he was 10 years old. Muir recently featured as a fill-in anchor on the Live with Kelly & Ryan in the absence of regular host Ryan Seacrest.    

This 43-year-old multiple Emmy-winning Journalist has done some remarkable international and national journalism work. There has been a rumor of Muir being gay for a long time. Is he really gay or this is just a rumor, you will find through this article. Stay with us!   

Is David Muir Really Gay?  

That’s all great and praiseworthy but fans want to know what they want to know. And they are interested in his personal life, in finding out whether David is gay or straight, his salary, religion, and more. Let's dig in!     

There have been some hefty rumors about him being gay. The rumors went so far as to come up with his shirtless photos. These rumors have been around for a long time now. So, we decided to investigate if there's any truth to it.

How Did These Gay Rumors About David Muir Start?

David Muir, often called Brad Pitt of ABC, replaced Diane Sawyer on ABC World News with David Muir in 2014. Ever since he has been rumored to be gay.

A site called 'Kenneth in the 212' seems to be one of the first ones to start this rumor.                                

One of the reasons why he is rumored to be gay for so long could be the lack of his romantic life information. He is not known to be married or even been in a relationship having any boyfriend

David is 43 but doesn’t look his age at all. It could be the fact that he’s away from all the relationship hassle. Who knows?

He also resembles the conventional personality of macho-looking gay guys with strong built and dreamy looks. That could be another reason and that seems to be a pattern with gay celebrities who do not wish to come out. 

Each to their own! If David is gay and wants to remain closeted, more power to him! Gay or straight, with that attractive face, great body, the serious but entertaining tone of news delivering, and a height of 1.8m ( 5’10’’) he is an audience favorite anyway!

What about His Rumored Relationship With Gio Benitz?

Gio Benitz is also a Journalist who works for ABC. And like David Gio is incredibly good-looking. However, unlike David, Gio is openly gay.

It was obvious that they both would be linked together. But that rumor remains a rumor as Gio is now married to a different man, Tommy DiDario. Look at the cute proposal and marriage pictures!

The Proposal

And here's how the wedding went:

Well then! whether Gio and David ever dated or not they definitely are far from being together. Gio is so happily married and we are happy for him!   

Are David Muir And Kelly Ripa Dating?

The NBC star David Muir recently shared a picture on his Instagram captioning Waking up with this one tomorrow. Always love sitting next to @kellyripa. She makes me smile.


A post shared by David Muir (@davidmuirabc) on

This provokes fans to guess that something is cooking in their life. However,  The fact is that Muir went on her show to give a company in the absence of regular host Ryan Seacrest. 

Let’s Talk About The Shirtless Photos. Are Those Real?

The First thing to address here, shirtless photos of a male celebrity prove nothing! Also, not all shirtless photos online are real. The one shirtless photo of David Muir that got really popular is actually a fake. It is obviously photo-shopped!

You can clearly see the head and the rest of the body isn't blending in together well. Look at the background and the photo, it is so obvious people, so obvious! And if you ask me, I think he likes to stay groomed. Now, that is just a hunch.   

Let’s Take A Bit Professional Turn Here, How Much Is David’s Salary?

There were concerns regarding the fake salary of David Muir. However, it seems this is settled completely. His Wikipedia page and other fairly reliable sites mention his annual salary to be $5 million. That makes him one of the highest-paid TV anchors. 

What About His Religion? Is David Muir Jewish Or Roman Catholic?

When it comes to David Muir’s personal life, he likes to keep it quite private. Even though he is present on social media like Twitter and Instagram, he sticks to sharing mostly only his professional life.

People want what’s hard to get. Therefore there are queries about his religion, ethnic background, and nationality as well.

As far as his religion is concerned as David was born to a Roman Catholic family, he is most probably one. There have been rumors of him converting to a Jew but those don’t seem to have any credible base.

Also, David Muir connected 50 million Roman Catholic Americans to Pope Francis from the Vatican ahead of Pope’s visit to America. 

However, it is almost a certain fact that he is a Roman Catholic. He was born on 8th November 1973 to a Roman Catholic family in New York.

Is David Muir American? What Is His Ethnic Background?

Yes! Born in New York to an American family, David is undoubtedly American. And he is ethnically a white American.  His parents Ronald Muir and Pat Mills are proud Americans. They are of the Roman Catholic faith.

Like said, there are rumors of him being a Jew but those are baseless rumors. He looks quite exotic, and that could be why people don’t see him as a regular white American.


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