How tough is being a sport anchor for Kristen Ledlow

Kristen Ledlow is a sports anchor for the NBA TV and has been known best for being the host of NBA Inside Stuff. The 29-year-old beauty has perfectly managed to become the most well-known journalist in the field of journalism and has been the first woman to have been hired but the NBA’s Inside Stuff.

How tough is being the only woman in the job working out for her? In a field predominantly occupied by male counterparts, how is she holding up?

Kristen's Toughest Journalism Career

A graduate of the Christian Community School, Kristen is holding up in the male-dominated career pretty well. She has been interested in sports since a very small age and played volleyball and basketball too. This is particularly why she chose to become a sports anchor and has been doing a pretty good job out of it.

She is a graduate of the Southeastern University and joined the WTXL-TV for her first endeavor. She is extremely secretive in regards to the details of her personal life.


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She is an unmarried woman and does not have as far as the news of the tabloids is to be taken into consideration about her marriage. She also has not been talked about being in a relationship with any celebrity in the journalism fraternity. Her current net worth is $23 million

The pretty beauty, who has previously worked as a sports anchor both for HLN as well as the CNN, has managed to become extremely well known for her endeavors. She was allegedly dating baseball player Joakim Noah but she denied and confirmed Joakim Noah was not her boyfriend. 

Being a female sports anchor does not seem to be a difficult job for this pretty lady as she has never been known to be involved in any kind of controversy regarding her job and career.

She is a pretty beauty who manages to look extremely sexy on-screen and has managed to broadcast all the details related to sports with much grace and intelligence. 


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Kristen Ledlow is a sports anchor and a renowned personality in the field of journalism. She has ser....