How Much does Sky News presenter Sarah-Jane Mee earn annually? Explore her Net worth and career.

News by Clarence Published on 20 Nov,2016 Updated on 27 Dec,2016

Sky News anchor Sarah-Jane is a weekday news anchor and an interpreter in flagship Premier League known as  Saturday Night Football every weekend. The sexy news presenter is a versatile TV-and-radio personality who is a perfect example of beauty with the brain.

The huge fan base behind Sarah is pretty a key factor behind today's digest. So without any delay, we will like to bring out the salary and the net worth of this sexy news presenter to our readers.

Career at Sky News

Sarah joined the Sky Sports Network as an unpaid intern during her early journalism days. Her regular work at the channel included guests handling, scripts printing, and getting breakfast orders for presenters. When finally given a chance, she took on the news channel by the storm to establish herself as the sexiest and wise reporter for the network.

Apart from being a football show host in sky sports, Shara is also known for her anchoring and hosting abilities. Shara is also a renowned live event host for organizations like Google, the League Manager's Association, Chance to Shine Charity, and Amnesty International.


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Sarah Jane Mee hosted recent award ceremony like the 'Inspirational Women Awards', activity for the 'ECB' and launched ew OnePro Cycling team with the famous English wicket-keeper Matt Prior. She also covers sports event and one of her most known events in the recent day is 'Boodles Tennis Tournament' on pitch presentations.

Net worth and salary of Shara

Shara has been in the news network for quiet a long time now, she took every step of her career and rose to the position she is on today. The Sky News is reported to pay her US $ 45000 and her other endorsements from her hosting and anchoring career reach around  $20000 and if we combine her earnings from the news network and hosting career, her yearly salary reaches around $ 780000 per year.

The anchor/ host likes to keep her network in a maze but when we evaluate her yearly income and her contract with the Sky news, we can figure out that her net worth is somewhere around $ 25 million.


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