How is the second married life of TV Personality Colin Cowherd. Why did he divorce his first wife?

Colin Cowherd, a former ESPN Radio program host who has joined Fox Sports news recently has seen every up and down of married life but has not failed to give marriage a shot for the second time too.

Bravo Mr. Cowherd! And for our fans, if you are interested in his married life and divorce with his former wife; We are here with a full story behind his previous divorce with his fitness model wife Kimberly Ann Vadala and his ongoing relationship with Ann Cowherd (his recent wife).

Failure of first marriage with Kimberly Ann Vadala

Colin Cowherd married his previous model wife Kimberly Ann Vadala in 1996 and the couple also has two lovely children from their 10 years failed wedding.

The media kept buzzing about the custody issue between the two separated couple for quite a while and soon the war ended with them settling the case with child support alimony and custody of the children to their mother Kimberly. So, what was the reason for their divorce?

Even if Colin Cowherd was a successful ESPN network host he had a messed up personal life back in the days when he was with Kimberly.

Insider reports

The relationship they shared was pretty tensed. Soft-hearted Colin has time and again referred to his previous wife as controlling and mean in many interviews. Colin has $14 million net worth from his long-time career. 

The controlling and conserved nature of  Kimberly Ann Vadala created a big irresponsible difference which officially ended in a tragic divorce involving the custody case of their two children together.

First Marriage to Kimberly Ann Vadala After 11 years of their marriage they got divorced due to some internal conflict. Together they are parents of two children. The Colin Cowherd and Kimberly Ann Vadala divorce cases were finally settled in 2007 splitting them into two halves in all aspects including their wealth as well.

Second wedding with Ann Cowherd

After three years of divorce with his former wife, Cowherd finally moved on after he found Ann. The mother of four became his lady in 2010. Colin married a mother of four in presence of the friends and family.

The father of five made some adjustments and bought a big mansion in the Tree Section of Manhattan Beach which cost him $ 3.095 million. The couple seems to be doing fine in their married life and the door for further divorce seems to be closed from the past six years of their marriage.


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