Highlight the professional life of race car driver Tony Stewart along with his dating history

News by Saburo Published on 26 Oct,2016 Updated on 26 Oct,2016

We have no doubts that Tony Stewart is an established name in extreme sports game of race car driving but is he lucky enough to rule the hearts of women in around him? Over the years Stewart has been in and out of many relationships and love affairs but one thing is for sure that he has never run out of girls or gas either. Let's take a look at some of the women Tony dated here.

Tony's On and Off Relationship with Krista Dwyer 

lucky to be The Two-time Nextel Cup Champion Tony was once engaged in 1999 with the beautiful Krista Dwyer and was set to marry each other. The couple had on and off kind of relationship and which ran for many years. The news of the couple's separation was a media material because they were raising a monkey named mojo and after divorce Krista got the custody of Mojo.

The famous custody fought monkey was later was sent off to a zoo after the couple formally broke up. So we can say Tony's first relationship was a complete failure and came along with a bitter experience of a broken engagement and disputed monkey business.

Affair with Jaime Schaffer

Tony again in 2002 fell in love with Jaime Schaffer a famous calendar model and employee of no fear racing. The couple was together for three short years. Jamie and tony were together when Tony lifted his first championship in NewYork.

 Tony and Jamie walked into president's residence in Whitehouse together to visit President J.W. Bush in 2005 but the relationship ended same year because Jamie could not handle Tony's growing anger management issue.Tony admitted in an ESPN interview that he missed Jamie  and said she was the one that got away.

Race car sweethearts Tara Roquemore and Tony Stewart 

After winning his second title race in 2006 Tony again found his miss charming for the third time in his life. This time it was someone from the same race track history. Tara Roquemore was a daughter of former race track driver and also a driver herself. But this Racer And Racer rare combination seemed impossible to all the fans because Tara was already four years married by the time they first mate each other.

The couple was formally seen together in NASCAR Martinsville Cup race on October 22, 2006, a day after she got the divorce with her husband Marty Gentry. They remained in the relationship for a long period of time but both of the professional could not keep it going and they finally called it off in 2008. She is rumored to be dating another driver but it is yet to be confirmed.

Tony nowadays, is rumored to be dating Renee White , Ex-wife of Derrick Cope and former girlfriend of Robby Gordon. The rumor started when she started helping out Tony with his veteran dog protection camp. Though the rumor is not confirmed till today by either of them it looks this was just an act of courtesy by two dog lovers.