Hans Zimmer Rocked The Coachella This Year With His Musical Treat

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 18 Apr,2017 Updated on 20 Sep,2017

Hans Zimmer who has composed music for more than 150 films since 1980 was there to rock at Coachella.

His compositions played at the biggest music festival has received huge acclaim.

The score music of inception made an engaging environment and people out there were actually witnessing a raw fiery live performer.


Zimmer who will be next seen in a musical world tour a couple of months later had set the stage on fire. Basically, he gives music to people.

He plays a lot of musical instrument and that’s a kind of classy thing. The movies scores are mostly made with the variations in music and his performance at the Coachella was outstanding.


He is an academy award holder for the best original music score. His music can be felt in the song now we are free, time, why do we fall and much more on the list. 


Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer 1957 -

18 Feb,2016 Biography by Clarence