Get to know about the secrets of comedian Ray Romano's huge net worth of $130 million

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Ray Romano is a globally recognized American actor, stand-up comedian, and a screenwriter His best-known work till date is his main role in the classic sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond.

Ray has an Emmy award for his role as Raymond. The show is deemed legendary and has a solid fan following. Most of his $130 million of net worth can be credited to the legendary show's success. 

This 59-year-old global phenomenon is also known as ''Manny'', he lent is a voice for the character Manny (A Mammoth) in the Ice Age animated film series. 

Besides Ice Age, he has also acted and created Men of a Certain Age, a TNT comedy-drama. Ray is also known as Hank Rizzoli in the popular TV series Parenthood.

How does Ray Romano have such a huge net worth?

Ray Romano was in the 94th position in Forbes' The World's highest-paid celebrities' list till 2013. He has dropped off of the list as of now, however, he still has a staggering net worth of $130 million. In September 2017, he purchased a new house in Venice, Italy, for $2.1 million. 


Ray Romano's Emmy Shot


His main source of income is definitely Television. He is a Hollywood A-list celebrity and thus earns enough through appearances and his stand-up shows as well. The globally hit CBS sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond aired from 1996 to 2005.

The show has become such a cult classic that royalty of the show is another source of income for this actor. Most of his TV roles have been a huge hit and such huge hits keep generating royalty money for a long time. How else would Ray have a massive net worth of $130 million?

Ray Romano's Personal Life

Ray Romano has been married to Anna Scarpulla since 1987, they have 4 children together. Everybody loves Raymond was actually based loosely on his real family life



Ray Romano with his wife and kids


The characters in the show are therefore named after real people. Ray's daughter on the show is named Ally (Alexandra) based on his real daughter and his character Ray has twin sons like Raymond has in real life. 

Ray revealed to media that his wife Anna has battled through stage one breast cancer in 2012. They justified the reason for revealing this personal information saying they intended to help other people going through the same fate. 

Ray Romano on social media 

Everyone likes to follow funny social media accounts. So, going after comedians is quite a trend on twitter. Does everybody love Raymond on Twitter? The sad news is that the actor isn't on Twitter.

Ray Romano might not be on social media but he does have an official website where he announces tour dates and other details. 

As per his absence on Twitter, maybe people aren't rooting enough to bring him on Twitter, However, he was in the Mean Tweets section on Jimmy Kimmel Live show to read out a mean tweet aimed at him. 


Ray Romano

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