Gawker Media sued again by the Mighty Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan is attempting to take down Gawker once again. 

After his $140 million legitimate triumphs against the gossip site, the popular ace wrestler has recorded the second claim over his surreptitiously recorded sex tapes — hitting the site with another case for supposedly releasing fixed court reports to the National Enquirer that cited him making racists comments. 

In a 2007 experience with his closest companion's better half, Hogan unleashed an appalling tirade about his little girl Brooke's dark sweetheart. 

"That is to say, I'd rather in the event that she was going to f–k some n— - r, I'd rather have her wed an 8-foot-tall n— - r worth a hundred million dollars! Like a b-ball player! I figure we're every one of the somewhat supremacist. F—ing n— - r," Hogan said, by the transcript of the recording. 

WWE promptly let go, Hogan, scouring his name from its site and Hall of Fame. 

His "salary was removed, his legacy in stimulation was seriously harmed (if not totally annihilated), and his worldwide image was perpetually discolored," the new Florida suit says. 

Hogan, a well-known TV Personality, says Gawker media slipped the transcript, which was doc u mented under seal in the then-pending suit between the two gatherings over a second sex tape with the same lady, Heather Clem. At the time, Clem was hitched to Hogan's closest companion, radio stun muscle head Bubba the Love Sponge Clem. 

The National Enquirer distributed the story, which "Onlooker had been debilitating to discharge openly for quite a long time," in July, as per the suit. 

Pretty much as the Enquirer posted the harming transcript on the web, Gawker CEO Nick Denton composed a piece on his website anticipating that Hogan's "genuine mystery" would soon be uncovered, the suit says. 

Hogan promptly conceded that he had made the hostile comments and apologized; immediately after the editorial manager tweeted him.

In the new suit, Hogan is likewise pursuing a gathering of Florida inhabitants, including another radio DJ named Mike "Cowhead" Calta, for sending no less than one of his furtively recorded sex tapes to Gawker. 

Law implementation authorities declined to seek after criminal accusations against Calta and others required in the affirmed spill. 

Gawker is engaging the $140 million jury decision over the main sex tape and has denied that it released the fixed transcript to the Enquirer. 

The new suit is for unspecified cash harms. 

Ogler Media reacted in an announcement Monday, "This is getting strange. Hulk Hogan is a hostile big name mishandling the court framework to control his open picture and media scope." 

"As we've said before and are upbeat to say once more: Gawker did not release the data," the announcement said. "It's the ideal opportunity for Hulk Hogan to a s sume liability for his own words, in light of the fact that the main individual who got Hulk Hogan let go from the WWE is Hulk Hogan."


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