Football Coach Bill Belichick's professional career after 10 years of getting divorced revealed here

News by Clarence Published on 03 Nov,2016 Updated on 03 Nov,2016

Parents of three adult children named Brian, Stephen and Amanda, Bill Belichick and his former wife Amanda Debby Clarke Belichick divorced each other long ago in 2006. What was the reason for the divorce The two married in 1977 twenty-six years ago? And how is Bill doing in his personal life? Let's find it out.



Let's take you back in time when everything was alright. They started dating back when they were in high school. Perfect family lovely wife along with three little children and a glorious career as a head coach for Cleveland's Browns. The couple also had formed an organization called Bill and Debby Belichick Charity Foundation in 1993 which helped homeless and needy people from Cleaveland and Massachusettes. Bill left attending the seminars after the couple separated.

So what went wrong in the perfect life of this two married couple?

The sources confirm that Bill who was the husband of Amanda was into another woman. He was cheating on Debby. Bill was sued for cheating by his personal receptionist Sharon Shenocca who alleged him for having a relationship with his wife. In the court sue, Sharon also alleged him for giving away thousands of dollars to his wife for support as well.

Even if Bill escaped the media by not showing off for the hearings and in the court for that, it became a big deal for his wife and they finally settled the case with another case but this time it was a divorce action against Bill Belichick filed by his wife Amanda Debby Clarke.

Who is Bill dating recently?

Linda Holliday is the new sweetheart in Bill's life. Both of the couples share a common feeling of being out of a long-running relationship and our sources confirm they are not planning to marry each other till today's date. they love the way they are even without getting into marriage. The love between 63-years-old Bill and 52-years-old Holliday met each other in a nightclub and it all started from there.