FInd about the net worth and salary of journalist Josina Anderson.

News by Clarence Published on 27 Oct,2016 Updated on 05 Feb,2020

Stylish clothes great attitude and good analysis skills, she shines on ESPN and wins a lot of heart. Yes! we are talking about the famous ESPN's journalist Josina Anderson. Anderson selective about her dress up and experienced journalist from paper media has everything that it takes to be a top ranked ESPN's sports journalist. Let's take an up-close look at her personal life along with her salary and career in this column today!

Can you see her 24 carret gangstar gold chain

Nail art, jewelry, and expensive shoes are all it takes to look like a barbie doll for our African American beauty. She is very fond of ornaments specially neckless and chains. You will never see her without the nail art done on her long nails, long and expensive Celeb tots and a gold  along with other neck accessories. She carries the latest iPhone and hangs around with some of the biggest celebrities from ESPN network. 


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So let us take a look at her rise to the fame and access to the unlimited luxury as well. At first, let's take a look at her success with ESPN and the steps she took to get to the current position she holds in the network.

Previous experience and ESPN career

Former University of North Carolina's Junior Olympic gold medalist star was a ballet dancer before starting as the sports journalist in ESPN. She first started her TV career with the famous CBS network's local news channel in 2000.  She then shifted to Washington and started writing for Redskins Magazine and in 2009 she finally got her shot at ESPN and she fitted there like a missing knot to a bolt.

Car she drives

She drives a professional yet stylish White walker Monster truck which costs around 25 Thousand Dollars.


So how much does ESPN pay her as a Salary?

ESPN definitely pays her well which can clearly be seen by the things she wears, Her designer clothes and shoes along with her ornaments and accessories. Believe me, they don't come cheap. She is all about fashion and living in style. Our sources confirm that ESPN pays Josina Anderson more than 45000 USD per month as her monthly salary.

Let the image speak for itself

Just take a look at the image below where she shines with a stylish leather outfit, An eye-dazzling accessory in her neck and expensive leather celeb-toes which look like an expensive limited edition from a well-known designer. This is a kind of outfit a normal lady desires to were in her special dates but for her it is just a regular day to day outfit.


What is her net worth?

If we consider her lifestyle and salary she gets from the sports network she stands 
million tall in the lineup of some well-established reporters in American sports news journalism industry.


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