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Dorian Missick is an American actor who has worked in the entertainment industry for over three decades. He is famously known among his fans for his performance in the television series Southland

Missick has contributed to the entertainment industry for over three decades and still strives to entertain his fans. He has starred in over fifty television series and movies. 

Is Dorian Missick A Married Man?

Missick is married to Simone Cook, sharing a lovely marital bond with each other. The wife of Dorian is an American film actress recognized among her fans for starring in All Rise, Luke Cage, and many others on the list. The actress was born Simone Cook but later changed her surname, keeping Missick after sharing a marriage.

The lovely couple Missick and Cook are one of the favorite loving duos loved by their fans, sharing a romantic relationship since the beginning. It is assumed that the loving duo Missick and Cook crossed the path with each other while giving the audition in 2010. However, their interest increased, and they eventually started dating each other. 

Dorian Missick with his wife, Simone Missick  (Source: Instagram @dorianmissick)

Missick and Cook were ready to enter the phase of life by exchanging vows and marrying each other after several dating. The pair celebrated their private wedding ceremony in February 2012 without letting the media attention keep it under the nose of media tabloids. 

There is no news of misunderstandings or rumors between Missick and Cook, and they look forward to sharing more years. They had been a long-standing couple, as many celebrities share a short-lived relationship in Hollywood Industry.

Does Dorian Missick Have Kids?

The promising pair Dorian and Simone don't share a baby in their married life, being together for a decade. Also, there are no hints of the pair sharing a lovely baby, bringing joy to their family. 

The fans hope the duo Dorian and Simone welcome a son or daughter from their marriage bond. The love birds are yet to experience fatherhood and motherhood, bringing a new member into their family. 

There are no clues available about the pregnancy of Simone on their Instagram handle. They might provide the good news and announce when they are ready to share a baby from their marriage bond. 

What Is The Net Worth of Dorian Missick?

Missick is making a fortune and earning an admirable amount of money working in the entertainment industry. According to the information on Idol Net Worth, Dorian Missick has an approximate net worth of $700,000

Southland actor Dorian has earned money working in dozens of television series and movies. Some projects from which he has earned money include Soul City, For Life, and Rebel.

Dorian Missick doing the role of Jamal Bishop in For Life. (Source: Instagram @dorianmissick)

Missick may have earned money staring in the television series All Rise performing the role of DJ Tailwind. He played in the series alongside Lindsey Gort and Paul McCrane.

On the other hand, the wife of Dorian, Simone Missick, has made a net worth of $1 million. She has earned money from her professional acting career working in different television series and movies. 

Missick's Short Bio

All Rise actor Missick has always remained private regarding his personal details, but the reason behind it is still behind the curtains. His actual birthdate is unknown, but he was born between 1975 and 1976. 

The picture of Dorian Missick during his early age  (Source: Instagram @dorianmissick)

Missick was raised in North Plainfield, New Jersey and but the name of his parents are not available on any other media tabloids or the Internet. 

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