Diane Plese an Optometrist and her husband Robert Herjavec married life

News by Bartle Published on 11 Dec,2015 Updated on 05 Aug,2018

Everyone is not so fortunate to have a perfect married life. Here is one living example of a less fortunate person who had a failed married life after living together for decades. 

She is non-other than the ex-wife of Robert Harjavec and an optometrist, Diane Plese. The couple stayed together for over 2 decades and shared three children together. You all might be wondering why they ended their marriage.

Today we are revealing the reason behind their marriage and their life after the divorce. So, stay on our page:

Is Diane Plese Dating Someone After The Divorce From Her First Husband, Robert Harjavec?

It seems like Diane Plese is not yet ready to move on in her life after her separation with her ex-husband, Robert Harjavec who is one of the famous business personalities, investor, and also a TV personality.

After teh divorce, Plese kept herself far from the media and limelight so, only limited information is available. With the limited information, she has provided about her current life, she might be possibly single.

CAPTION: Diane Plese with her ex-husband Robert Herjavec. SOURCE:

When it comes to her first husband, he has moved on very easily. The year when they officially announced their divorce, Harjavec started his relationship with his former Dancing with the Stars partner, Kym Johnson

The couple got engaged in 2016 and eventually got married in the same year in Los Angeles. The following year, they announced that they are expecting twins.


So in love with our little angels @kymherjavec5678

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As of 2018, they welcomed their twins and are living a happy life.

Diane Plese And Robert Harjavec's Married Life And Children

Diane Plese and Robert Harjavec met for the first time as a doctor and patient. At the time, Harjavec was not so rich as now. 

Eventually, they fell for one another and started dating. Moreover, in 1990, the couple tied the knot in 1990 in a Croatoan church in Mississauga attended by their friends and families. 

CAPTION: Diane Plese with her ex-husband Robert Herjavec. SOURCE: Bustle

Both of them were happy to have each other in their life. Months after their marriage, the couple welcomed their three children a son, Brendan Herjavec and two daughters, Skye Harjavec, & Caprice Harjavec

Everything was going fine between them until they decided to get separated.

Diane Plese And Robert Harjavec's Divorce Reason 

After 25 years of marriage, Plese filed a divorce in 2014 for some undisclosed reasons. When she was asked about the reason in an interview, she stated,

“Robert is a caring husband and a responsible person towards his family, but I cannot live with him anymore and the reasons behind our separation will not be disclosed among the public”.

On the other hand, Robert also states that Diane is the best part of his life and always loves her a lot. He used to take full care of her and tries to manage and understand her timing to manage her personal and professional living. 

According to the sources, Robert’s “DWTS” partner, Kym Johnson can also be the reason behind their split. Some sources also claimed that Danielle Vasinova who was his alleged mistress might also be the reason. Moreover, it was also rumored that the pair also had a financial conflict for a very long period of time.

After the divorce, Robert had some suicidal thoughts which he told,

''I just wanted to end it. It’s been a terribly difficult year. We were great parents and a great team, but over time we drifted apart.''

Furthermore, he also revealed that his children stopped talking to him initially which made him more devastated.

Quick Facts about Diane Plese

  • Diane Plese was born in 1959 in Toronto, Canada.
  • She is American as per nationality and belongs to Caucasian.
  • She is the daughter of Croatian immigrants parents.
  • She is an optometrist.
  • She was married to Robert Herjavec in 1990 and separated in 2014 after having three children.
  • Plese has a luxurious house in Canada.