David Muir Shirtless

News by Riya Published on 31 Aug,2021 Updated on 31 Aug,2021

A popular media personality, David Muir was born in Syracuse, New York on November 8, 1973. He is a popular American reporter and an anchor of ABC News Channel which is a sister organization of popular TV broadcast system ABC-TV in New York City. Muir appeared as a fill-in anchor in the Live with Kelly & Ryan on July 6 when regular host Ryan Seacrest was absent.

Muir is also popularly known as "Brad Pitt of TV News Anchor". His anchoring got famous and got a highly appealing airing in 2012 and 2013 Muir is multilingual as he can also speak Spanish fluently.

Are the David Muir's Shirtless Photos Real?

40 years old Muir is Jewish and has too many Ladies fans. Girls go crazy about him. His attractive eyes are found sexy by girls. Girls simply focus on his attractive personality rather than his news; they end up dreaming about him while watching his news.

Once, his shirtless images went viral over the internet. You can simply see his shirtless image by searching over the internet. His shirtless images are worth a look. These images have also led to the increment of his ladies fans day by day.


His attractive personality is not the only thing that attracts girls; also he can win your heart with his pleasant talks and compliments. However, there's a piece of sad news for his ladies followers.

Is David Muir, Gay

He is allegedly gay and involved in a relationship with Gio Benitez, his co-worker. David Muir is also known for his strict specialized and prominent professional and also for keeping his personal life confidential. As a matter of fact, he has hidden much of his personal life which has led to the rumor of him being gay going viral all over the internet again and again.


Is ABC's David Muir gay? Are the shirtless photos real? What is his religion?

Moreover, the rumors prevailing on the internet about his marriage are also fake. He is yet to be married and has no children, by default. 

He also went through a Rhinoplasty surgery procedure of plastic surgery so as to reshape his nose from the imperfect crooked nose which was the most disdained by his fans. It has also been rumored that he has also done some adjustments on his chin and cheek with some changes in his ear. After his plastic surgery, you can simply feel the changes in his face.