David Foster and his Ex are good after splitting

News by Clarence Published on 22 Apr,2016 Updated on 22 Apr,2016

The news that Yolanda Hadid, 52, and David Foster split up didn’t really come as a surprise to many fans of the famous Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. When the couple made it public on the RHOBV premiere, some were confused, some were sad while some had anticipated it already. The split was, no doubt, huge but the couple has made it clear that they are still on ‘good terms’.

Yolanda and David were married back in 2011. A few months after it, wife Yolanda was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Yolanda said that the disease made her unable to give time to David because she had to get her mind and body into healing. On Dec 1, 2015, after just four years of marriage, we came to know that the couple had decided that they would go separate ways.

But all that having gone by, Yolanda made it clear that she doesn’t want anyone to spotlight the negative things between the two. She stressed that she respects the nice times they spent together and wants them to stay that way. “The truth is that we both worked through the difficult time through the best of our ability, so rather than judging what went wrong, I pick to honor the great times that we shared the last nine years. They were a wealth of good times” Yolanda said.

Here is something about their bio. They have two children, Anwar and Bella. Yolanda has a net worth of $15 million while David has a hefty $30 million. Yolanda’s salary is estimated to be over $100,000 which is what she gets paid from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for one season. Similarly, David’s salary is estimated to be $3.6 million. David was born in Victoria, Canada while Yolanda was born in Papendrecht, Netherlands.