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MSNBC television program "The Ed Show" host is the democratic political supporter of complete social liberty and equality. We can find his strong opinion on liberty and equality on his show.

“The Republicans lie! They want to see you dead. They’d rather make money off your dead corpse"  :- Ed Schultz

Sixty-two-year-old Edward Andrew Schultz, better known as "Ed Schultz," was born on January 27, 1954, in Norfolk, Virginia. Ed Schultz belongs to American nationality. The resident of Norfolk belonging to white ethnicity is one of the very few American radio and TV Journalist who possess what it takes to speak up for the common people's right. He boldly out-fronts world leaders who are invited to his show and without hesitation, points out their decisions that troubled working-cla s s people of The United States Of America.

 Ed Schultz comes from a middle-cla s s family but is well educated. His father Gorge was an aeronautical engineer and mother Mary was an English teacher. He graduated from Maury High School in 1972. He was awarded a scholarship from the Minnesota State University on the basis of his football career.

 Ed Schultz was a successful sportsman in football days which later helped him gain popularity as a football commentator in his hometown. In his football days, he has played for the famous football club in Oakland called Oakland Raiders from (1977 to 1979). Later in 1979, after two years of successful football career with Oakland Raiders, he was bought by Winnipeg Blue Bombers a Canadian Professional football team. 

After retirement from professional athletic Career, Ed Schultz signed up as a professional sports anchor. Schultz's first Sports anchoring job was in Fargo as a sportscaster. He presented many league games in North Dakota for local stations like KVLY-TV and WDAY-TV.

 Ed Schultz shrink-wrapped his Sports broadcasting career to focus on Political broadcasting. Eventually, in 2003, he became the host of a radio talk show called "The Ed Schultz Show". Later in 2009, he also took the role of TV host on MSNBC's show "The Ed Show" which made him very popular.

Other than hosting shows on TV and radio, ED Schultz has written two books "Straight from the Heartland" and  "Killer Politics: How Big Money and Bad Politics Are Destroying the Great American Middle Cla s s".

Ed Schultz has no records of having a girlfriend but has been married two times in his life. His first wife was Maureen Zimmerman. The former couple has three children together. They officially ended their marriage in 2000. 

After Schultz's first divorce, he tied the knot once again with a nurse named Wendy. According to ED, his wife, Wendy Schultz, inspired him to see the problem of republican politics and the gradual inspiration from his wife made him shift from Republican wing to Democratic wing. Windy inspired his views by taking him to the places such as the Salvation Army shelter, where she worked. Schultz, for a deeper understanding of American farmers tragedy, took a tour to Dakota. That was a tour that fully changed his political views and shifted his thoughts to become a strong supporter of the Democratic wing.

Current host of a daily primetime weekday show on RT America TV channel based in Washington, D.C.,  Ed Schultz has been caught into many controversies due to his strong views on Republicans. Some of his on-air statements have been the subject of a lot of political countered back kicks and negative reviews from republican supporters. He recently released a video against Republican candidate Donald Trump on a recent post


Is #DonaldTrump running as Mitt Romney? Let's take a look at his economic message.

— Ed Schultz (@NewswithEd) August 8, 2016


As an established journalist and host,  Ed Schultz's career is running fine. Ed is popular among his viewers. Many wiki sites and online media provide some basic information regarding ED Schultz. In 2016, his estimated net worth is approximately around 12 million US dollars. He has recently shifted to RT America giving up his job as a host of MSNBC's well-established show. According to our sources, Ed signed up for RT-America with a huge starting salary which is around US$ 45000 per month.


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