Bella Throne Decided To Stay Back After Scott Disick Invited Her for Cannes

Bella Thorne decided to escape from Scott Disick.

The two were spotted partying in various occasions before Cannes but now she decided to maintain a gap between them.

Source: M Magazine

Sources on the Cannes festival told Bella Thorne after witnessing the drunken behavior of Scott Disick decided to stay back.

She was shocked to see the wilder side of Disick and was embarra s sed to see him like this. When Scott asked Bella to join him to Cannes she insisted of going along with her sister Dani.

Source: JustJared

 She was frustrated with this behavior of Disick and came on the Twitter to show how bad she was feeling.

She tweeted “Yo this #Cannes fancy life isn’t for me”

Another source close to Bella and family said Bella’s parents were worried about the ongoing situations in Bella’s life and how Scott’s reputation is making difference in Bella’s life.

Source: E!online

The 19 years old actress Bella who has given a remarkable performance in television series my own worst enemy will be seen in upcoming movie midnight sun. 


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