Are Andrea Tantaros and guitarist Dave Navarro are Married? Know about their dating history, here

Andrea Tantaros is an American conservative political analyst and commentator, raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania. She began Andrea 'Tantaros Media', that provided crisis management and media strategy consulting to Fortune 500 companies and political campaigns.

Andrea Tantaros's Brilliant Career

Tantaros, 37, served as a spokesman for Ma s sachusetts Governor William Weld along with  Congressman Pat Toomey and former National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Thomas Reynolds. In April 2010, Tantaros began working as a political contributor on Fox News Channel.

                                           Fox News Channel' s co-host Andrea Tantaros


In 2011, she was a s signed the post of co-host of 'The Five' which was the second-most watched program in cable news by 2013. Tantaros went on to co-host Outnumbered in 2014.  On April 25, 2016, she was picked from the show for what Fox News said were "contract issues".

Is Andrea Tantaros married to boyfriend Dave Navarro?

According to the Us Weekly, 'Rocker and Jane' s addiction guitarist Dave Navarro is seen dating Andrea Tantaros, a conservative political analyst and commentator on Fox News Channel. The absurd couple was spotted wandering together in New York.

             'Rocker and Jane' s addiction guitarist Dave Navarro is seen dating Andrea Tantaros

 Both of them have a wicked sense of humor and share a love of politics and dark eyeliner. Tantaros and Navarro have allegedly been dating since they met through a mutual friend a few months ago. They have since been seen kissing all over New York City, including a romantic stroll.  In January, Dave Navarro shared on Twitter that he has real feelings for her and is a fan of her show Outnumbered.

Dating history and affair between Dave Navarro and Andrea Tantaros

The former Red Hot Chili Pepper rocker was also married to Rhian Gittins for a short time in 1994 and Tania Goddard from 1990 to 1993. Navarro himself has married and divorced three times in his life.

                                                        Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra 

Dave Navarro has been married to Carmen Electra from 2003 to 2007. Tantaros is not married but it has been reported in  April 2015 that she was dating Dave Navarro, the guitarist for Jane’s Addiction. Dave was previously married to model Carmen Electra.

Navarro and Tantaros are the non-married couples who are living together.  Andrea Tantaros is rumored to get married soon with Dave Navarro. She has managed to keep her love life secret from others.


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