Amber Rose Not Feeling Safe after a Guy Broke Into Her House

The sister code girl Amber Rose apparently had an encounter with an unusual issue. 

A guy broke out into her house and stayed there for 4 hours while Rose was sleeping.

Source: Dailymail

According to the sources, on Wednesday morning the guy entered the 33 years old rapper’s house in San Fernando Valley. He made an entrance from the kitchen window and to the pantry.

As reported Amber, her mom along with her son and bodyguards were sleeping when the incident happened.

Source: Perez Hilton

Her a s sistant woke up to cook food whereas the guy was still roaming somewhere in the house.

 Amber at a point noticed the broken window late in the afternoon and thought of checking the surveillance footage. After she watched the footage, she found a guy broke into the house through the window.

Source: News24hours

Hastily she called the cops who now are investigating the scenario. As informed, the culprit has not stolen anything from the house. 


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