Actress Chloe Dykstra started dating Sam Witwer since 2015. Are they still together?

Chloe Dykstra is an American actress, model, and Cosplayer who is best known for being a star of the Sci-Fi TV series Heroes of Cosplay. This beautiful lady has also worked as a freelance game journalist for several websites.

Chole has millions of followers all around the globe and they want to know more about her private life. So, in today’s article, I will reveal all secrets about her private life in detail, here.

Chloe’s current relationship status

The talented actress is possibly unmarried till now but some reports have told that she is in involved in a romantic relationship with handsome actor Sam Witwer. According to, they have been dating since last year and the pair has been seen together in several event and function. 

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The couple’s bonding is running smoothly till now and we have not heard about any complication in their relationship. However, they are not the first love of each other, as they have already dated other persons, previously. 

Sam Witwer is another famous actor of the American media industry. He has been active in this field since 2001. He is one of the hottest actors of the industry who dated seven beautiful ladies before meeting with Chloe. Since the early 2000s, he has been appearing in several movies and television shows.

Chloe Dykstra and Chris Hardwick

This gorgeous lady was previously in a relationship with Chris Hardwick; they started to date in the year 2012. They lived together in a relationship for two years and got separated.

45-years-old Chris Hardwick is an American comedian who was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky U.S. He is famous for web series Web soup and it has been presenting at Nerdist’s YouTube channel.

This handsome comedian has dated 6 beautiful girls till now and is currently married to Lydia Heard, since August 2016. Chris started to date her after his break up with ex-girlfriend Chloe Dykstra.

The 28-year-old lady is a daughter of a famous American computer expert who is famous for making special effects in several films, software, and games. His some notable works are Star Wars, Batman-Spiderman series, X-Men and so on. Chloe has featured in several news tabloids and television shows because of her career.


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