Actress Alia Shawkat of ‘Arrested Development’ and ‘Final Girls’ Revealed Her Bisexuality

The American actress Alia Shawkat who is popularly known for her role in Netflix series.

She has been the part of ‘arrested development’ and has also seen as the character Gertie Michaels in ‘the final girls.’

The 28 years old actress apparently came out of the closet while speaking to a magazine. She made a statement promoting her movie ‘paint it black’ she said “I was a tomboy growing up, and I remember my mom asking me when I was 10, ‘Are you attracted to boys or girls?’ I said, ‘I don’t know.’ Now I consider myself bisexual, and I think balancing my male and female energies has been a big part of me growing as an actor.”

She expressed that her identity was highly influenced by growing up in Los Angeles where she was exposed to gay artists.Earlier she never spoke about her sexuality, but now she finds it easier to say as the country’s order and regulations are better.

“As a woman, an Arab-American, and a member of the LGBTQ community, I have to use whatever voice I have,” she said.


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