A Man in England Witnessed Shark Falling from the Sky that landed in his Garden

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 08 Mar,2018 Updated on 07 Mar,2018

A man from south-east England witnessed the fall of a shark from the sky in his backyard while he was making a cup of tea.

The 26-year-old, James Hill, a resident of Tankerton, England, was in his kitchen when his dad, Colin, 59, signaled him about the fall of an anonymous object. When the object fell on their back garden they noticed it to be a two foot long spotted catfish.

CAPTION: Fish in the Garden SOURCE: The Sun

The dad and son duo believe that the shark must have been picked by an over-ambitious seagull that unfortunately dropped its prey mid-flight.
Later, James who is an engineer and a part-time rescue boat volunteer at his hometown of Tankerton bay was interviewed. He was quoted saying:

I was just making a cup of tea when my dad walked into the kitchen and said 'what's the name of the small native shark that lives in the UK? So I said it's a dogfish, which is also confusingly also known as a catshark, and asked why he wanted to know. And he said 'there's one in the back garden

Surprised James further added that he could not believe it was lying on the lawn. He assumed its measurement to be around two feet long and seemed to be dead for a couple of days.

I think everyone's especially interested because of the Sharknado films. I was just making a cup of tea, and a shark fell into the garden. I think it must have been picked up by an over-ambitious herring gull or cormorant or something who has dropped it.

The species that fell from the sky was a swallow water shark with a slender body. It is commonly found across the globe especially on the coast of Norway and in the Mediterranean.