7 Creepy Cases Of Having Sex With The Dead

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Have you ever heard about Necrophilia?! Well, it is the condition when a person gets attracted sexually towards corpses. Believe it or not, there were and still are many people in our society who find themselves attracted to the dead irrespective of the age and relationships. 

Today we have 7 real-life cases of necrophilia (sleeping with the dead) where the people are gone crazy not only over human but animals as well. 

1. Had Sex With Stepmother's Corpse, After Killing Her

Martin Hughes, a native of Louisville, Kentucky, went after his stepmother Laura Hughes's corpse to fulfill his necrophilia. In February 2008, Hughes shot his stepmother and his half-sister Tessa to death in their home on Zilma Avenue. Moreover, Martin had sexual intercourse with Laura's corpse which he admitted to the Metro Police during the investigation. 

After his confession, the court sentenced him to a life imprisonment with a possibility of parole for the double murder and two counts of abusing a corpse.

2. Had Sex With Six Severed Heads

Edmund Kemper III from California had a rough childhood who suffered parents divorce in early childhood. After his parent's divorce, he relocated to live with his paternal grandparents. Probably due to these circumstances, he started to exhibit psychopathic and antisocial behavior in early teenage. One day, Kemper shot his grandmother on the head and stabbed her repeatedly following a minor argument. When his grandfather arrived home, he shot him as well and killed both. \

Edmund Kemper, who had had sex with severe heads

He was imprisoned for his heinous crime, however, he was released only after five years after Kemper showed remarkable intelligence with 145 IQ level. Later he killed 6 female students and his mother in between 1972 to 1973. Even worse, he had sex with the severed heads of the students. In November 1973, he was convicted of all these crimes and sentenced to life imprisonment.

3. Had Sex With 100 Corpses

Victor Ardisson, a French undertaker, and gravedigger who engaged in many acts of necrophilia for years. When he was caught eventually, he confessed to having sex with over 100 corpses which had been entrusted to his care. 

Victor Ardisson who had sex with over 100 corpses

He also confessed that he frequently dug up corpses and took them back to his home and when police examined his home, they found the dead body of a three-year-old girl. Moreover, they discovered Ardisson slept next to the body and frequently performed sex on the girl's corpse. He was arrested for his crimes in 1901 and sentenced the life imprisonment.

4. Had Sex With A 92-Year-Old Woman's Corpse

Anthony Merino was a laboratory technician at Holy Name Hospital in New Jersey. After the only 14th day of his work at the laboratory, the New York native was caught having sex with the dead body of a 92-year-old woman. After the security guard found him having sex with the corpse, he immediately called the police.

Anthony Merino caught having sex with a 92-year-old woman's

After the interrogation, police charged him, and the County judge penalized him with seven years in prison.

5. Nightmare In The Hickory Street

Alisa Massaro, 18, her boyfriend Joshua Miner, 24, and two more friends Bethany McKee, and Adam Landerman plotted a homicidal party on January 10, 2013. They invited only two guests to the party and strangled them to death. After one of the crime partners, McKee left the scene, the remaining three placed a sheet over the dead bodies and had a threesome on top of them.

Days later, police caught the accused playing video games on top of the corpses. There found no evidence that the bodies were sexually abused post-death. Massaro made a plea deal of ten years under the condition that she testified against the remaining three accused. The remaining three, Miner, Mc\kee, and Landerman were all sentenced to life imprisonment.

6. Had Sex With The Men's Corpse He Killed

Denis Andrew Nilsen aka ''Muswell Hill Murderer'' committed 12 murders in separate occasions in London, England from 1978 and 1983. In the period, he lured the men to his homes and killed them. Afterwards, he cleaned and dressed the corpses and then had sex in some cases and in other cases masturbated over the corpses.

Denis Nilsen

Even worse, he dissected his victims' bodies and either burned their body parts of flushed them into his toilets. He was eventually caught and sentenced to life imprisonment.

7.  The Hong Kong Butcher Had Sex With Victims And Dismembered Body Parts

It is the story of a Hong Kong taxi driver Lam Kor-wan, 27 from 1982. Then, he was also known as the terrifying sexual predator who murdered four women before performing sex and mutilating their body parts.

Hong Kong taxi driver Lam Kor-wan who had sex with women after murdering them

Moreover, after having sexual intercourse with his victim's bodies, he removed their sexual organs and pickled them in Tupperware containers. He was later arrested, and the court sentenced him a life imprisonment.