5 Mistakes While Writing An Assignment

News by Saburo Published on 15 Jan,2019 Updated on 15 Jan,2019

Much of what the western education system is; it focuses more on assignments and practical tasks than written examinations. The weightage is more to the assignments precisely because that is a better method to make the student learn and understand concepts thoroughly.

It certainly is a better method because it allows a student to not just cram up and write but also to learn in depths what the subject is all about. But, it requires careful work on assignments to get the grades needed for better opportunities after college.  You get a few assignments each semester so it is always advised to work carefully through those.

Here are some mistakes students make while writing an assignment:

  1. Making-Do – Those of us who procrastinate, do not like to start writing a paper until it is due the next day. This is a very negative approach to an assignment that will affect your overall grades. It is called the ‘making-do’ approach where you start working late and just write whatever will get you a passing grade. What one must realize is that careful and thorough work is required to get the grades required at that level.                                                                                                     
  1. Poor Structuring- Find any sample of a good assignment done online and you will find that the structure format is a proper one. Sometimes, the College releases guidelines on how the assignment is to be formatted but most of the times a student has to do it themselves following a classic format. There are basics involved with structuring such as the table of contents must come first, a proper introduction must be put in, and there must be sequential build up followed up with the conclusion. You can download a number of assignment samples from PaperDoers to have a thorough understanding of how an assignment should be like.
  2. Grammatical mistakes and spelling errors- If you are at a senior level and if you are still making grammatical mistakes and writing wrong spellings, chances are that the professor wouldn’t let it go for a minor mistake and will deduct grades accordingly. The work at a senior level should be standard and worth the level you are at.
  3. Factual errors- As a rule of thumb, you should not put in factually incorrect information in the assignments as the professor would ask how you got to that part. You shouldn’t put in an analysis without data-backed theory too. If you do not have data to back your theory, it would just be called an opinion and not an analysis. Put in relevant data to make your paper well worth-it.
  4. Loop- It is common in student assignments and is frankly one of the reasons that the grades of students are pulled downwards. The mistake is of repeating the same thing again and again. Students reword the same lines of content and keep on writing it in a different manner just to fill pages and pass it off. It isn’t a great way to get good grades and will only end up irritating the professor.
  5. Plagiarism- Students think that they can copy content from other students and publish it as their own. This is one of the main reasons students are debarred from Universities and not allowed to seek admission again. The most a student can do is take help for clarifications on assignments from websites like OnlineAssignmentWriting but they cannot pass it off as their own. I know that some level of similarity is accepted by Universities but in most places it should not exceed a level of 25%. You can check plagiarism level for free at student-help websites like ThanksForTheHelp