What were the reasons for FOX TV's anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle getting divorced twice?

What were the reasons for FOX TV's anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle getting divorced twice?

One of the co-hosts of ‘The Five’ on Fox News Channel, Kimberly Guilfoyle married Gavin Newsom on 8th December 2001 while he was holding the position of a San Francisco city supervisor. Later Gavin was elected as a Mayor of San Francisco in 2003 while Guilfoyle was a San Francisco Prosecutor and television legal commentator. After about 5 years of marriage, they jointly filed for divorce.

 After a year later, she met CEO of Villency Design Group Eric Villency and married him the same year. They were married happily in the Island of Barbados.

Guilfoyle and Gavin Jointly Filed for Divorce Sharing the Same Attorney

Her first marriage with Gavin Newsom, which lasted for about 5 years, ended up with an amicable divorce where the two planned on remaining close and shared the same divorce attorney.

 They jointly filed for divorce citing that they were having some difficulties because of their careers on opposite coast. They did a friendly divorce and still are friends.

After her Second Divorce with Eric, they shared a Joint Custody of Their Son Ronan

In 2006, she married Eric Villency with whom she had a son named Ronan Anthony Villency. After four years of marriage with Eric, the couple filed for divorce in 2009 and shared a joint custody of their son Ronan. After this divorce, she has not married till date but her ex-husband Villency married his second wife Caroline Fare.

Eric currently works as a Contributing writer for the Huffington Post. Eric and Guilfoyle got divorced due to their long distance relationship.

Kimberly Served the First Lady for Two Years When she was Gavin’s Wife

Kimberly worked as an assistant district attorney for Los Angeles and San Francisco district attorney offices before she worked in television and was involved in several high-profile court cases. While she was the wife of former San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsome she even served as the first lady of San Francisco. While she was a law student she modeled in underwear for Macy’s and Victoria’s Secret during 90's.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, who is best known as a cable news TV personality was born on 9th March 1969 in San Francisco. She has also appeared in the programs like ‘Good Morning America’, ‘The Lineup’ and ‘The Five’. She is currently living in New York City with her son Ronan.         

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