Friday, Feb 23, 2018
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Updated on: Jan 17, 2018

Rape Victim’s Clothes in Exhibition in Belgium

Rape, sexual harassment, and physical assaults are some serious issues that need to be discussed openly.

These social crimes not only pave a path to cruelty and brutality but shatter victims desire to live. 

Source: BBC

One such case of woman rape came to light in Belgium after CSW East Brabant organization took a stand for a victim. The organization exhibited the victim’s clothes that she had worn when she was raped. 

The exhibition organized in Brussels, Molenbeek was named “Is it my fault?” and the victim’s trouser and tracksuit were showcased.

Source: Pinterest

The exhibition organizer, Lisbeth Cane, spoke about the exhibition saying, the victim's clothes are simple which can never be the reason for any men to get fascinated. These are neither revealing nor appealing and hence clothes can never be the reason behind rape or assault. It’s the thought that needs to be changed.