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Updated on: Mar 20, 2017

Marjorie Bridges-Woods Wife of Comedian Steve Harvey, Know about their Married Life.

Marjorie Bridges is an African American beauty well known as the wife of Steve Harvey, the renown comedy actor, author and a TV/Radio personality. 

How is their married life? Let's find out some personal details.

Marjorie Bridges' married life with Comedian Steve Harvey

Marjorie Bridges is married to Steve Harvey. Steve is a TV/radio personality, producer, and a comedian while Marjorie is a fashion connoisseur and strolls by fashion shows around the world.

Marjorie Bridges and husband Steve Harvey

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 Marjorie's husband Steve was married to Marcia from 1980 t0 1994, and Mary Shackelford from 1996 to 2005. 

In 1997, the Family Feud host, Steve purchased the “Adore You” yacht for his mistress Marjorie Bridges Townsend Woods.

 The same year the talk show host's second wife Mary gave birth to their son Wynton Harvey.

Steve Harvey and Marjorie Bridges with their seven children


Steve Harvey has seven children from his three marriages; twin daughters and a son from his first marriage, a son from his marriage to Mary Shackelford and three step children from his current marriage to Marjorie Bridges.

Marjorie and Steve met for the first time at a Memphis comedy club in 1990 and Steve laments it being the love at first sight. Steve even announced on stage that night.

Marjorie Bridges, 42, married Steve Harvey on 25th June 2007. The Family Feud host, Steve Harvey, says Marjorie has made him a better man.

Marjorie has three children from her previous marriage

Marjorie was reportedly married twice before Steve. That means both Steve and Marjorie have married thrice. Sources claim that both of Marjorie's ex-husbands were involved in crimes. 
 After her first husband, Jimmy Townsend, was arrested and charged with life in prison, she divorced him and married Darnell Woods.

Bridges is the third wife of Steve Harvey.  Marjorie has three children: Morgan, 29, Jason, 24, and Lori, 19, from her previous marriage. When Marjorie isn't busy raising her kids with Steve, she works as a fashion blogger

Marjorie posted a photo of her 52nd birthday on Instagram. 

Marjorie and Steve have four grandchildren, two through Jason's marriage, one through Morgan's wedding, and the last through Karli's marriage.