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Denis Moynihan Biography

Denis Moynihan
  • Age: 59 years old
  • Birth Nation: United States of America
  • Height: 5 Feet 9 Inch
  • Birth Sign: Gemini
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: White Ethnicity
  • Profession: Author
  • Famous for: Writer
  • Married: Yes
  • Married to: Amy Goodma
  • Children: N/A
  • Education: University of Texas
  • Awards: George Polk Award (1998)
  • Online Presence: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • 10

Denis Moynihan is an American socialist and also the co- founder of Democracy Now, which is a daily progressive, nonprofit, independently syndicated news hour. Denis was born as one of the seven children born to parents Patrick and Deborah Moynihan. His father Pat worked as a full time professor in college and his mother was an R.J who was also into cooking and teaching. Both of his parents had children from their past relationships, and as of them being together, Denis and his brother Daniel were born. The kids grew up with 5 of their half siblings in San Antonio Texas, after which they moved to Los Angeles. Born and raised in a Christian family, Denis follows the same religion and belongs to white ethnicity. He is an American by nationality.

Denis was born on the 7th of June, 1958 and is currently 57 years in age. He was raised in Texas and studied at the St. Antonio High School, where he was a leading member of the school’s magazine production team. He used to write articles as well to publish and was a very good speaker in front of the crowd as well. He graduated in 1976 and studied at the University of Texas, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. He worked in some local papers before landing up with his own company. Although not much is known about his personal life, nor his relationships and affairs, it is known that Denis is a married man. He has got two children with his wife Amy Goodman, and has not been divorced yet. There is not much known about his life as his biography only circles around his career, although his net worth has not been disclosed.

Regarding “Democracy Now”, it was formed on a February of 1996 in New York by a team of new and potential journalists like Larry Bensky, Amy Goodman, Salim Muwakkil, Denis Moynihan and Julie Drizin. With the initiation and low market popularity, the show was first broadcasted in Pacifica Radio, In 1997 another reporter named Jeremy Scahill joined the group and was the co-host of the program, with Denis being the main host. The principle idea behind the establishment of this company was to cover the news that were ignored or not- known by the main TV channels. This policy would make them a unique news broadcasted and print their separate image on the market. Although Pacifica Radio later said they wouldn’t broadcast them any longer, Denis made a deal with Downtown Community Television Center, in China Town, New York. It got its major headline news with the 9/11 incident and soon extended their broadcasting ways to cable, satellite radio, Internet, and podcasts as well. Its work has earned recognition and has earned some awards too, like Gracie Award, Robert F. Kennedy Memorial's First Prize in International Radio(1993) and George Polk Award (1998). 

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