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Armand Assante Biography

Armand Assante


Armand Assante is an American actor. He is widely recognized for his notable role as mobster John Gotti in the 1996 HBO miniseries named Gotti. He won an Emmy Award for his role in that series.

Early Life and Education

Assante was born in New York City, New York United States, on October 4, 1949. He is an American by nationality belonging to the mixed ethnicity. 

Assante is a popular American actor. His father was Italian-American and his mother was an Irish-American. He grew up in Cornwall, New York. He was highly influenced and brought up from a Roman Catholic Family.  

Assante was born to Armand Anthony Assante Sr. (his father) and Katherine Assante (his mother). His father was a professional artist and painter whereas his mother is a poet and music teacher.

Assante was very popular as tough- guy heroes. He graduated his study from Cornwall Centre High School. He also has his training for the dramatic roles in the movies in American Academy of Dramatic Arts.


Assante played the role as a wedding guest for the very first time in the film The Lords of Flatbush that was a minor cult film in the year 1974. He also appeared as a guest appearance within various types of soaps operas. He played a role as Sylvester Stallone who was a wealthy Frenchman in the movie Paradise Alley.

Assante has the talent of acting made him to collect large number of his fans. He made a strong performance in many of the films that lead him to attract many directors and producers. He never remained passive as speed up his career on screen with number of appearances.

Assante was very impressive when he was on screen. He also portrayed a large number of characters from number of ethnic background. This was conducted both within the screen and the theatre. He was also declared as a handsome American actor by his fans.

Personal Life

Assante married Karen McArn in the middle of the year 1982 to 1994. This couple has two children named, Alesandra and Anya. Assante is also dictated by a family oriented person who always made a serious division within the upbringing of his daughters.

The couple divorced, as there was a number of problems raised within their relationship. Still, as according to the wiki, he doesn’t have a perfect personal life comparing to his career and himself.

With the proper support of his wife and family, he got succeed within his career hence, was awarded several awards and nominations. He has his great friendship with Jennifer Blanc from the year 2005 when they played the film The Third Wish together.

Height, Net Worth, and Salary 

Armand Assante is 5 feet 10 inch tall. The net worth of this actor is around 10 million American dollars. With his appearance in Cuban band leader this actor got higher appreciation and with the jaw-dropping net worth of this actor, it is also stated that he is the most successful star. 

Social Media

This actor isn’t found to be more active on the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There are few accounts made by his fans where his pictures and videos are uploaded. 

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